Sound Healing and Animals

As effective as sound energy healing with Crystal bowls is for people, it is even more so with dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

Animals have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They, like small children live in present moment and do not complicate the treatment with ‘psychology,’ ‘stories’ or ‘monkey mind.’ Partly because of this, animals are profoundly affected by the tones of the bowls. They have an excellent capacity for soothing, calming and reducing pain and anxiety in animals.

Sound Healing and AnimalsSound Healing and Animals

The Healing Power of Horses

The animal kingdom has many lessons to teach us, and horses are among some of its wisest teachers. These majestic creatures help you reconnect with your heart, drop any masks and aid in profound healing breakthroughs. By mirroring your emotions back to you, in a safe space, they help you get in touch with your feelings.

Horses intuitively recognize blocks in our physical bodies and auric fields. They can help move the energy, releasing repressed emotions and old patterns. For this reason, working with horses is an incredibly powerful way to accelerate the healing journey. Connecting with horses allows you to bring things to the surface that otherwise might be difficult to process. Combined with Energy Therapies, Movement and Sound, it is then possible to move through these emotions with ease.

The video above is an energy session with humans assisting horses, horses assisting humans and humans assisting humans. It was my first experience playing the singing crystal bowls with horses, and it was their first experience hearing them. The feedback of the owner and the other energy workers (one is an animal communicator) was that the bowls seemed to calm the horses down. They were more relaxed; more focused and thoroughly enjoyed the vibrations and sounds of the bowls. The day was very hot and we were doing the work for roughly 5 hours. The video is less than 8 minutes long. Enjoy!